Leadership Development, Education and Mentoring

Leadership Development

Nursing Collaboration consultants are experienced healthcare leaders who provide focused coaching and mentoring. We can:

  • Identify leadership development needs via observation, staff, and administrative input
  • Create specific leadership development plans
  • Guide leadership in the following areas:
    • Communication
    • Written documentation
    • Organization of daily tasks
    • Strategic planning
    • Financial stewardship
    • Succession planning
    • Development of future leaders

Educational Planning Consultation

An education planning consultation can include:

  • Conducting learning needs assessments, competency requirements, and developing educational plans based on findings
  • Designing orientation and continuing education programs across disciplines
  • Establishing collaborative relationships with internal (Nurse Managers, department leaders, staff, medical staff, etc.) and external (patients, community) customers
  • Effectively establishing and maintaining records for documentation of compliance with education and training requirements
  • Coordinating educational requirements
  • Orienting to current roles and responsibilities of staff
  • Problem-solving the management of external healthcare student relationships and contracts

Mentoring Assistance

Nursing Collaboration can provide a consultant with operational and leadership expertise to mentor a new internal candidate to their respective leadership role with your company.  Our consultant will guide your new and/or inexperienced leader one-on-one as they develop and grow into their new role.  We work with your company’s leadership and staff during the mentoring assistance consultation to efficiently and effectively accomplish the tasks needed to effect the changes prioritized by the healthcare facility.

Experienced team

Our team’s extensive experience reflects twenty years of behind-the-scenes and front-line nursing experience.

Quality Service

We strive to provide unparalleled personalized service, no matter how complex and difficult your need.

Proven Value

As an extension of your leadership team, we strive to provide the best services at an affordable cost, delivering value to your business.

Unbiased Objectivity

You can rely on an objective, unbiased independent opinion when it comes to how to enhance your nursing services and processes for success.

Exclusive Focus

We focus exclusively on long term care and assisted living, so we understand the specific nursing needs and challenges of our customers.

Quality care and support in Seattle

Providing the greater Seattle area with in-home and assisted living nursing services.